Types of Physiotherapy

Heat and cold therapy

UV or microwave heating is a known way to fight respiratory diseases from childhood. We recommend inductor therapy or high-frequency current heating for neuroses and UHF therapy for treating maxillary sinusitis.
Cryotherapy is a treatment with cold, which usually uses liquid nitrogen. Exposure to low temperatures helps to activate the body’s internal strength to fight ailments: strengthens the immune system, relieves swelling, spasms, reduces pain symptoms, rejuvenates and promotes the release of endorphins into the bloodstream.

Types of Physiotherapy

Laser therapy

It has antiviral and antimicrobial action, helps expand the capillaries, increases blood and lymph circulation, increases immunity, reduces cholesterol, helps to heal wounds faster. This method helps prevent the transition of the disease from acute to chronic stage and reduce the recommended dose of drugs.

Magnetic Field Treatment

Magnetotherapy has a strengthening effect on the body, regulates metabolic processes in cells and tissues, normalizes blood pressure, helps improve blood flow to the brain and oxygen saturation. The work of all body systems: endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, cardiovascular and others – improves under the influence of magnetic fields. Internal reserves of an organism that is expressed in feeling of vivacity, improvement of appetite, sleep, increase in efficiency are activated. Indications for magnetic therapy are sleep disorders, depression, respiratory system diseases, digestive organs, gallbladder and more.

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