Top Landscape companies

Landscaping is a field that encompasses a great many possible careers; everything from trimming trees and planting flowers, to building garden structures and installing irrigation systems. Some landscapers might even work on a larger scale, planning and designing a golf course, for example, would be a job for a landscape architect. Clients in need of landscaping for their new pool or patio, or needing a retaining wall built, will be in touch with a trusted landscaping company.

Top Landscape companies have company grounds to be maintained, schools and universities have campus grounds to keep, cities and towns have public parks that need maintenance and improvements, and zoos and theme parks need landscape design solutions as well. All of these are potential clients or employers for a landscaper.

Top Landscape companies


Sometimes your lawn is need of drastic repair, for any number of reasons. When this happens, we often get the question, “Should I sod or re-seed?” Most often, the answer is sodding. Sodding is basically transplanting a mature turf that has been cared for professionally, whereas re-seeding is pretty much what it sounds like. Of course, sodding is more expensive but it is the one way to ensure that your turf takes root and flourishes into an amazing lawn.


Fertilization is one of the most important things you can do in the pursuit of a majestic lawn. It is basically the process of feeding your lawn the extra nutrients it needs in order to improve its texture and water-retention properties. Depending on your grass type and location, you could fertilize your lawn anywhere from 2-8 times per year. It’s recommend, however, that you fertilize more than once, or you might just be wasting money on a one-time job.