Lawn Care in Santa Barbara

How often you should water your lawn

Water when the grass loses its elasticity, it becomes sluggish. If you miss this important point, the grass will turn grey and lose its bright green colour. Later it will start to turn yellow for lack of moisture and dry out. Watering should be done so that the soil is well soaked in water but becomes too wet. Large lawns can be easily irrigated with an electric garden pump or a motorbike pump. It is best to water the lawn in the morning or evening, as the sun will immediately dry the soil in the afternoon and you will get dense crust.
The frequency of watering depends not only on the weather but also on the type and structure of the soil. Sandy soils dry faster – they need to be watered more often and clay soils less frequently. But in any case, wait for the soil to slightly dry between watering, otherwise the roots of the plants will always be flooded with water and not get oxygen from the air.

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Removal of weeds (weeding)

Weeds will be rare on your lawn if you weed it well from the start. You have to weed it thoroughly – pulling out the weeds with their roots. If the roots of the weed are very deep, if the leaves have grown into a large socket, you can use a special chemical to remove the weeds. Such a drug is called herbicide, you have to choose it very carefully – one that will destroy the weeds, but will not damage the lawn grass.