Island Breeze Live Sauce

Unfortunately, damping-off can happen very quickly. Many times, a seedling can go from looking healthy to dropping dead in just one single day. When this happens, it is already too late to do anything since the fungus has already infected your plant and there is no method of recovery. However, you can learn to spot the signs of damping-off in order to prevent it from happening again.

Among the signs of damping-off include small white spots at the lowest part of the stem, just above the soil line. In this same area, the stem will look weak and thin, featuring a darker colour. If you spot these signs and the seedling is still upright, it is only a matter of hours until it will tip over.

Tip: Island Breeze Live Sauce, which are tiny, dark, mosquito-like gnats, often appear when moisture and humidity levels are too high. Do not worry so much about getting rid of the gnats, but see them as a sign that something is off with the moisture content in your growing environment. The gnats will disappear on their own when moisture levels in the soil return to normal.

Island Breeze Live Sauce

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