Dank delivery online

Privacy and security is in our Dank delivery online.  That’s why we built end-to-end encryption into Dank Delivery’s foundation.  This means your private details, photos, order information and documents are well-secured from third parties.  We are committed to protecting all our users information.

We only source our top-notch cannabis products from growers with over 35 years of industry experience.

At Dank Delivery we aim to please. We offer a wide selection of the best flowers, concentrates, and other cannabis related products. Our quality selection and superior customer care will leave consumers feeling happy and satisfied.

Dank delivery online

As per the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of dank is “unpleasantly moist.” It was first used in Middle English, and is thought to be of Scandinavian origin. Dank maintained its meaning well into the rise of underground cannabis culture when the term “dank weed” began to describe high-quality marijuana.

Located in the heart of Detroit House of Dank is committed to providing world-class cannabis and cannabis products to everyone who walks in the door, whether they’re from across town or across the globe.