Chiropractic in Canada

Traditional Manual Therapy

Manual therapy has been actively developing over the past 150 years. During these years, many different techniques have emerged that complement each other:

  • Manipulation technique of manual therapy. This technique uses short and not very strong push movements that help restore joint mobility. It is most often used in disorders of the spine and sacrum.
  • Mobilization technique of manual therapy. Mobilization is a series of movements aimed at gentle extension of the vertebrae as well as sloping the spine. After such manipulations, joint mobility increases, blood circulation normalizes and swelling disappears.
  • Mild manual therapy techniques. Soft techniques have greatly expanded the possibilities of chiropractic treatment. They are used to improve muscle tone and ligament condition, relieve pain and tension. These techniques are characterized by the absence of sudden movements. This group also includes postisometric relaxation, a method of increasing the mobility of ligaments and muscles.

Our services of therapy:

Chiropractic in Canada

Acupuncture (acupuncture, acupuncture reflexotherapy). A method developed back in Ancient China. It is based on the connection of internal organs and biologically active points located on the body surface. Exposure occurs with the help of very thin sterile needles: contrary to popular belief, this method is practically painless.