Сhiropractic services

The session of treatment when working in hard machinery is 30-45 minutes.
Recently, chiropractors have been increasingly using so-called soft techniques. This is work with muscles, ligaments and joints, the main techniques of which are stretching, squeezing, twisting and vibration. Here, the normalization of the position of the vertebrae is done by affecting the tone of the surrounding muscles. Soft techniques are physiologically sound (the doctor does not make violent movements, but follows the natural muscle contractions) and painlessly.

Сhiropractic services

The duration of a session with soft techniques is much shorter: about 10 minutes. However, one should not think that in such a short time it is impossible to influence the affected organs sufficiently. Soft techniques of manual therapy perfectly help in various types of osteochondrosis, degenerative-dystrophic diseases of joints and spine, flat feet, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome and some other diseases. They are also successfully used to relieve pain in hernia and intervertebral disc protrusion.

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